Violet Francis also known to many as Auntie Vie is the youngest of 9 children from her father John, an agriculturist, and her mother Matilda or Sis Mattie, a domestic worker turned caterer. Her family comes from the 40 sq mile island of Montserrat, a close knit islands steeped in hospitality.

Auntie Vie’s interest in food was sparked by her mother, a domestic worker who ultimately left her domestic employment for medical professionals to see about the well being of her children. To provide for them financially she took her knowledge of the local produce and livestock of her region, incorporated technique learned on her job and inspiration from heavenly sources that afford the consumer a divine culinary experience.

Auntie Vie loves family and loves seeing them all together especially over the holidays enjoying good food. She and her sisters all excel at different facets of the culinary experience. Auntie Vie’s late sister Rose loved to cook , bake, and teach she taught home economics for many years in St. Thomas. 

Auntie Vie’s Restaurant is a manifestation of the encouragement and support of all her parents, aunts, uncles, sisters and late brothers. It is with pride that we try to carry on some of the traditions of our native island and can at least remind people of good times in their lives connected to certain meals